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Does White Castle have vegan options?

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White Castle is the first classic fast-food restaurant chain in the world. The world-famous American hamburger chain was founded in 1921 in Kansas. According to Wikipedia, there are 345 stores across the United States.

White Castle is famous for its small, square one-bite hamburger called Sliders. Sliders are small tiny sandwiches around 5 cm or 2 inches made with a bun usually filled with onion, salad, cheese, and a patty.

So the question is, Does White Castle have veggie sliders? Yes, it does! It is served with Dr Praegar Veggie Patty, and it can be vegan if you exclude the honey mustard ranch. However, there is a much better option!

White Castle introduced the Impossible Slider with 100 % plant-based Impossible Patty. Are White Castle Impossible burgers vegan? Naturally, It isn’t just like Burger King’s Impossible Whooper since it comes with smoked cheddar; however, excluding the cheese from your order will be vegan!

Furthermore, some other items might be vegan at White Castle, for example, Onion rings or fries. Let’s check the details!

vegan options at white castle

What is Vegan at White Castle?

According to White Castle nutritions and allergic guide, the following items are vegans:

  • French fries
  • Impossible slider (without cheese)
  • Veggie slider (without ranch)
  • Onion rings (not everywhere)
  • Hash round Nibblers®
  • White Toast
  • Many sauces and jam.

Let’s check out the best vegan options!

French fries

Fast-food french fries are naturally vegan; however, there are always exceptions, for example, McDonald’s fries. Crinkly cut potatoes seasoned without animal ingredients fried in vegetable oil, that’s all. There are plenty of sauces you can choose from (see below). Note: other fries, such as loaded or sloppy are not vegan!

Impossible Slider

Impossible Slider has a real beef taste and texture without any animal ingredients. However, you have to remove the cheese to make Impossible Slider totally plant-based. Also, you can add some vegetables as extra such as tomatoes, onion rings, or lettuce. Of course, it won’t be as good as a Slutty vegan burger. Here you can check out the Slutty’s menu.

Veggie Slider

While most fast-food restaurant has a maximum of one plant-based burger, White Castle has two! Veggie slider made with a vegetable patty called Dr Praeger, free from dairy and eggs. However, honey mustard and ranch aren’t plant-based, so you must substitute them.

veggie and impossible slider as vegan slider and burger at white castle

Onion rings

Onion rings usually are not vegan since the crumb contains eggs. However, there are a few exceptions, and White Castle is one of them. So, the onion rings at White Castle are vegan. Also, as we said before, there are always exceptions: Somehow, in New York and New Jersey, Onion rings contain eggs, so they are not vegan at those locations. For your information: Sonic’s onion rings are also vegan!

Hash round Nibblers®

Luckily, hash brown is usually vegan since it contains only flour, shredded potatoes, and salt. The crispy, bite-sized hash browns are vegan. You can add some plant-based sauce to it to make it more exciting.

Wheat Toast

Wheat toast is vegan, but there is nothing notable plant-based add-on. You can spread some jam or sauce on it, but it won’t be too exciting. So, skip it.


There are plenty of sauce options that you can add to your slider or your sides. Here is the whole list:

  • BBQ Sauce
  • Hot Sauce
  • Marinara
  • Yellow Mustard 
  • Dusseldorf Mustard
  • Horseradish Mustard 
  • Applesauce Pouch 

What are the non-vegan items at White Castle?

There are a few items that might be vegan for the first look, however they are not.


Smoothie is a simple beverage made by blending vegetables and fruits. Most of the time, people add liquid basic to it. Unfortunately, White Castle uses dairy for this purpose.


The same goes for the shakes. It is made with dairy.


The plain waffle contains dairy and eggs, so it is a no-go.


The doughnuts contain dairy and eggs, so they are not vegan either.


While brownies are easy to make vegan, White Castle uses butter and eggs to make them. So Fudge Dipped Brownie isn’t vegan.

what is not vegan at white castle

Disclaimer by White Castle

While there are many vegan options at White Castle, according to the nutrition guide, cross-contamination is a huge risk: 

“All food is prepared in common kitchens that may involve some shared cooking and preparation areas, equipment, and utensils, and the possibility exists for your food items to come in contact with other food products, including allergens.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Short and clear answers for the most common questions about vegan options.

Are White Castle buns vegan?

Yes, the buns at White Castle are vegan.

Are White Castle fries vegan?

Yes, the french fries are vegan at White Castle. On the other hand, loaded fries are not!

Are White Castle Impossible burgers vegan?

Impossible Burger, aka Impossible Slider, isn’t vegan since it comes with cheese. But you can substitute it with tomato or lettuce or exclude it.

Are White Castle onion rings vegan?

Yes, the onion rings are vegan at White Castle, except for New Jersey and New York restaurants.

Does White Castle have vegan burgers?

Yes, White Castle has two burgers – sliders – that can be vegan. Remove the ranch or honey mustard from Veggie Slider or exclude the cheese from Impossible Slider.

Does White Castle have vegan options?

Yes, plenty of it. French fries, Onion rings, and hash rounds are vegan. Also, Impossible and veggie sliders can be vegan.

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