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Does Papa John’s have Vegan Pizza? Nope, but you can make one

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Papa John’s International is one of the largest pizza-delivery chains in the world. There are more than 5.400 locations all across the world. The well-known fast-food restaurant had some serious but legal advertisement war with Pizza Hut in the past. Well, unfortunately, the plant-based diet did not become a battlefield, so I couldn’t say that Papa John’s vegan options are any better than other pizza-delivery companies. Let’s see how to order pizza at the restaurant since Papa John’s doesn’t make vegan pizza itself! Yet.

papa john's vegan pizza options

How to order vegan pizza at papa john’s?

Luckily, the pizza is naturally plant-based since the dough contains nothing but flour, water, salt, and yeast. The same usually goes for the sauce: tomatoes and lots of herbs. However, nowadays you can’t be sure about them. If you follow the next few steps, there won’t be any issues.


The original hand-tossed dough is totally free from dairy and eggs, as it should be. Besides that, the other crusts aren’t.

is papa john's pizza dough vegan


As we excepted, the Original tomato sauce is totally plant-based, and in addition to this, the BBQ sauce is as well.

papa john's vegan pizza


Unfortunately, Papa doesn’t offer any non-ordinary vegan toppings to the pizza. Just the basic vegetables: Onions, Jalapeno, Banana Peppers, Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Pineapple Tidbits, Spinach, and Mushrooms.

Sadly, there won’t be any exciting meat substitute like impossible sausage anytime soon.

Vegan Cheese

Most people say there is no pizza without melted cheese; however, if you are vegan, you don’t agree with it. There are quite a few pizza-delivery chains that use vegan cheese. Unfortunately, Papa John’s isn’t one of them. In short, always exclude cheese from your order; there is no substitute.

papa john's dont have vegan cheeze
Nope, Vegan cheeze is still only a dream.

Anything else?

Not much, but a few items could make your visit to Papa a little bit more exciting.

Extra seasonings

You can spice up your order with Crushed Red Pepper or Special seasonings since neither contains animal ingredients.


Fortunately, Papa John’s Breadsticks is vegan just like in Little Caesars. But that’s all. There are no fries or anything else. The Garlic Breadstick is made with parmesan, so that’s not an option.

papa john's breadsticks are vegan


There are more dipping options than sides. However, you can even put them on the pizza if you feel so. You wouldn’t bet on it, but Buffalo Dipping and Signature Garlic sauces are plant-based! Furthermore, BBQ and Pizza sauce can also be ordered as a dipping sauce.


All of the desserts contain dairy or eggs. Not even dairy-free cookies or brownies. Furthermore, while Oreo is considered an accidentally vegan cookie, OREO® Cookie Papa Bites contains milk.

What is the best Papa John’s vegan pizza?

There is no premade plant-based pizza at the chain, so it is hard to decide it. For me, the pizza with the original sauce topped with onions, jalapeno, Green Peppers, and mushrooms spiced up with the must-have garlic sauce. Thanks to the signature creamy sauce, you almost forget the absence of cheese.


According to Papa’s allergen guide, cross-contaminations could occur.

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