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Does Little Caesars have vegan pizza?

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Little Caesars is the third-largest – behind Pizza Hut and Domino Pizza – American pizza restaurant chain, according to Pizza Power Report 2020. The well-known fast-food restaurant was founded in 1959, and nowadays, it has more than 5500 locations worldwide. Not surprisingly, pizza is the main attraction in the restaurant. The pizza is naturally vegan since the drought usually contains only flour, yeast, water, salt, and olive oil. On the other hand, pizza nearly always comes with cheese, and sometimes people put dairy in the drought.

So, is Little Caesars Pizza vegan? No, every pizza on Little Caesar’s menu contains cheese or meat. However, if you ask, “Is Little Caesar’s dough vegan, ” the answer is yes. The restaurant chain doesn’t use dairy in their dough, so you can make vegan pizza without cheese – since Little Caesars doesn’t have vegan cheese – and meat. Unfortunately, the vegan meat, Impossible Sausage, didn’t become a permanent item on the menu. However, there are still plenty of vegetable options as toppings.

What’s vegan at Little Caesars besides cheeseless pizza? The second best item at a pizzeria, the breadstick, can also be plant-based at Little Ceasers. Crazy Bread is vegan if you order it without parmesan cheese. The crazy sauce is naturally vegan, luckily.

Let’s take a closer look at Little Ceasers’ vegan options!

How to order vegan at Little Caesars?

how to eat vegan at little caesars

While basically, there is nothing plant-based on Little Caesars’ menu according to the nutrition guide; still, you can eat a decent vegan meal at the fast-food restaurant.

Make Your Own Pizza

Little Ceasers doesn’t have vegan pizza, so you must make your own without animal ingredients. Here is the guide!


Little Ceasers’ doughnut is vegan; the only plant-based crust is the Original Crust and Thin N Crispy crust.


Normal Sause is vegan.


The following toppings are plant-based:

  • Green peppers
  • Jalapeno peppers
  • Mild banana peppers
  • Canned and fresh mushroom
  • Onions
  • Black Olives
  • Pineapple

Little Ceasers tested Impossible Sausage as vegan toppings for a limited time in 2019. However, plant-based meat doesn’t become permanent, so Impossible Supreme Pizza, the only vegan pizza at Little Ceasers also gone, so only Veggie Pizza left.

Does Little Caesars use vegan cheese?

Little Ceasers doesn’t have vegan cheese, so you have to exclude it.

does little caesars have vegan pizza

Are Little Caesar’s crazy bread vegan?

Yes, Little Caesar’s breadstick is vegan if you exclude parmesan and don’t order it with Garlic sauce (butter) since it contains dairy, so it isn’t vegan. On the other hand, you can enjoy vegan crazy bread with the Crazy sauce, Buffalo wild wing sauce, and BBQ wing sauce.

If you are wondering what crazy sauce is at little caesars, here is the answer: fresh California tomatoes and lots of pizza spice mix, which is secret but cruelty-free.

How about the desserts?

Éottée Casers doesn’t have any vegan desserts since the only option, cookie dough brownie contains eggs and dairy. How bad.

Are there Pizza places with vegan cheese?

Vegan cheese is usually made of plant-based milk, nutrition yeast, agar-agar, flour, and spices. If you are searching for a fast food pizzeria with cheeze, you will have a hard time. The largest chains like Domino Pizza, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s don’t have plant-based cheese, and it doesn’t look like they will have it soon.  So Veggie Pizza will stay as the vegan option.

vegan options at little caesars

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