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How to eat as a vegan at Pizza Hut? Isn’t hard, but isn’t good either

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Pizza Hut is probably one of the most famous international pizza restaurant chains. Two brothers, Dan and Frank Carney founded it in 1958. Nowadays, there the multinational company has almost 20.000 restaurants all over the world. It is not hard to make a pizza vegan, since the dough naturally doesn’t contain anything else but olive oil, flour, salt, and water. Let’s see if there are vegan options besides the boring vegetables on tomato sauce combo at Pizza Hut.

Does Pizza Hut have vegan pizza?

Yes, Pizza Hut has vegan pizza, however, do not expect too much. As we said, pizza dough is basically vegan. so you can make your own plant-based pizza, but it won’t be so exciting. Let’s dive deeper!

Does Pizza Hut have vegan pizza?

Is Pizza Hut crust vegan?

Yes, most of them at least. The following crusts are certainly free from animal ingredients:

  • Thin ‘N Crispy Dough
  • Hand-Tossed Style
  • Original Pan Crust

One more option than Little Caesars, at least.

Which bases should I choose?

There are two pizza sauces that are vegan for sure: Classic Marinara and Buffalo Pizza Sauce. UnfortunatelyCreamy Garlic isn’t vegan since it contains dairy, and neither is the Barbeque sauce since that one contains honey.

Does Pizza Hut have vegan cheese?

While melted cheese is one of the most important parts of the pizza, still Pizza Hut doesn’t have vegan cheese. In that case, always exclude the cheese when you order at the restaurant chain. So disappointing.

When will Pizza Hut have vegan cheese? As far as we know, not anytime soon, despite the popularity of veganism.

Does Pizza Hut have vegan cheese?
Vegan cheese is just a dream at Pizza Hut…

Is there any exciting topping, such as beyond meat?

Well, I have to disappoint you again, there is nothing at all besides vegetables. There is no Beyond Pepperoni Pizza anymore or anything like that. It was tested back in 2020, but pizza with beyond sausage didn’t become popular enough. How sad. So, here is the not-quite-fancy list of plant-based toppings:

  • banana peppers, 
  • olives, 
  • mushrooms, 
  • red onion, 
  • green peppers, 
  • jalapeños, 
  • tomatoes and
  • ananas.

Okay, the last one is pretty exciting since most people hate or love it, no in-between.

Unfortunately, Beyond Meat sausage is the past.

Is there anything else?

Unquestionably you come here for the pizza; however, you may be interested in some sides or sweetness. Let’s check the most popular items!

Are Pizza Hut breadsticks vegan?

If you go to any Italian-styled restaurant, you may expect some tasty breadsticks. Basically, It is vegan, however, the seasoning contains dairy, so order it without it.

Are Pizza Hut breadsticks vegan?
Source: Tripadvisor

Are Pizza Hut fries vegan?

Every fast-food restaurant has to have some deep-fried potatoes, even a pizzeria. The American chain is not an exception. However, the fries are not vegan since it contains dairy and eggs. You should stick with the breadstick, which is plant-based without seasoning.

Are Pizza Hut fries vegan?
Source: Pizza Hut Canada Facebook

Are Pizza Hut cinnamon sticks vegan?

Who doesn’t want something sweet after a decent pizza? Luckily, the cinnamon sticks are vegan however the icing is not anymore, so order without it. It is still a decent option.

Are Pizza Hut cinnamon sticks vegan
Pizza Hut Jamaica Facebook


While you can order some not-quite decent plant-based menu items at Pizza Hut, the restaurant chain doesn’t offer any certificated vegan items. What does it mean? Well, they are using the same cooking, preparing surface and fryer for all of the items. So, beware of cross-contamination!

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