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How to eat vegan at Texas Roadhouse? 9 best vegan options listed

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Texas Roadhouse
 is one of the most famous southern-styled restaurant chains in the United States. While it is famous for its steak, there are still some vegan options for us that are free from animal ingredients. A few vegan menu items include peanuts (it’s free!) and fresh vegetables. Also, there are some options that can be vegan, for example, house salad and sautéed vegetables. Let’s check out what is vegan at Texas Roadhouse!

Texas Roadhouse’s vegan options, in short

According to the company’s allergenic guide, only a few vegan menu items exist. Here is the whole vegan list according to their guide:

  • Buttered corn: Sweetcorn with butter, that’s all. You have to remove the butter, and you will get a plain but vegan corn-sidedish.
  • House peanuts: Peanut is really healthy and naturally vegan food. Luckily, It is also free at Texas Roadhouse.
  • Fresh vegetables: It is steamed broccoli and carrots together with butter. You have to exclude the butter once more to make it vegan.
  • House Salad: You have to exclude cheese, croutons, and eggs. The salad will come with fresh greens and tomatoes. You can add some vegan sauce to it listed below.
  • Sautéed Vegetables: Mushroom or onion cooked with butter. If you are lucky, you can order it without butter.
  • Country Vegetable Plate: It isn’t a dedicated dish but a selection of 4 different side dishes listed above. Nothing fancy.
  • Drinks: Basic soft drinks and an enormous amount of different cocktails. Yay!
  • Sauces: There are a few sauces – three – that are vegan: Texas Roadhouse Barbecue sauce, oil and vinaigrette dressing, and applesauce.

That’s all that can be certainly vegan at Texas Roadhouse.

house salad is vegan without crutons and cheese and egg at texas roadhouse
butter corn is a vegan options at texas roadhouse without butter

What else can be vegan at Texas Roadhouse?

There are a few items that can be vegan, probably, but we can’t promise anything. Always ask the staff if they can make it without animal ingredients.

1. Baked Potato

According to the nutrition guide, plain baked potato should be plant-based. However, rumors say that they make it with bacon grease. It is worth a try to order it without the extra fat.

2. Baked Sweet Potato

Baked sweet potato is also vegan, and you can add cinnamon or brown sugar on top of it. On the other hand, you have to ensure they will prepare it without grease.

3. Texas Roadhouse steak fries

Fries are nothing but potato and seasoning fried in oil. Are Texas Roadhouse steak fries vegan? Unfortunately, not completely. It is fried in shared equipment, so if you are concerned about cross-contamination, the fries are no-go.

baked sweet potato can be vegan option at texas roadhouse
baked potato vegan options at texas roadhouse
are texas roadhouse fries vegan? no.

What is not vegan at Texas Roadhouse?

A few dishes look vegan, but you should avoid them at all costs. Most are not even vegetarian and cannot make it vegan, either.

Green beans should be an excellent vegan side dish. However, they mix it with bacon and boil it in chicken broth. Seasoned rice also sounds like a boring but useful vegan item. Well, they make it with broth, also. Are mashed potatoes vegan at Texas Roadhouse? Unfortunately, not. It follows traditional recipes that contain dairy and egg.

Are Texas Roadhouse rolls vegan? No, they are not. They contain dairy and eggs. Cactus blossom and fried pickles at Texas Roadhouse are also not vegan since the batter contains dairy and eggs. They also don’t use a dedicated fryer, so they cook it with meat products.

mashed potatoes are not vegan at texas roadhouse
seasoned rice is not vegan at texas roadhouse

Is there a restaurant with better vegan options than Texas Roadhouse?

There are many other fast-food chains that offer much better vegan options. Buffalo Wings are closely related to Texas Roadhouse; both offer southern-styled American dishes. Honestly, Buffalo Wings has far better vegan options than Texas Roadhouse. Check out the whole plant-based list!

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