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Does Panera Bread have vegan options? Tricky, but we show you (w picture)

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Panera Bread sounds like a really healthy place where you will enjoy your delicious vegan sandwiches, salads, and hearty soups. Well, I have bad news. While it is easy to make a sandwich, a soup, or a salad without animal ingredients, Panera still refuses to do so! You won’t find any naturally vegan items on the menu – except one -, which is awful. At least, they give us a little guide on how to make some non-vegan items plant-based. 

How to order as vegan at Panera Bread?

Here is the brief guild to eat something acceptable at the bakery. Exclude this and that. That’s the plan.

Baja Bowl

Order without Feta and Greek Yogurt. You will get Avocado, Red Grape Tomatoes, salsa verde, and bean corn salsa. It would so be hard to offer something instead of feta like tofu.

Mediterranean Bowl

Same as above, Greek yogurt and feta have to go. Arugula, Kalamata Olives, Cucumber, Lemon Tahini, Red Grape Tomatoes, and the Hummus stay.

Mediterranean Bowl as vegan option at panera bread

Fuji Apple Salad with Chicken

Obviously, Chicken has to go. Luckily, that’s all. Arugula, romaine, baby kale and red leaf blend, grape tomatoes, red onions, toasted pecan pieces, Gorgonzola, and apple chips tossed in sweet white balsamic vinaigrette.

Fuji Apple Salad with Chicken could be vegan if you remove chicken

Greek Salad

It won’t be so Greek after you remove feta cheese. On the other hand, somehow Greek dressing doesn’t contain Yogurt, yey! Romaine, grape tomatoes, red onions, kalamata olives, salt and pepper tossed in Greek dressing with pepperoncini. Fair enough. 

vegan option at panera bread greek salad

Asian Sesame Salad with Chicken

Once again, chicken has to go. Still, you get romaine, fresh cilantro, toasted almonds, sesame seeds and wonton strips tossed in Asian sesame vinaigrette.

vegan option at panera bread Asian Sesame Salad without Chicken

Steel Cut Oatmeal with Strawberries & Pecans

This is the only option that is basically vegan at Panera Bread. You don’t have to ask them, to make it with water or plant-based milk. Steel cut oats, cooked to perfection and topped with strawberries, pecans and cinnamon crunch topping.

outmeal is one of the only vegan options at panera bread

Peach and Blueberry Smoothie

Beware! This is the only vegan smoothie since the others unfortunetaly contain dairy. 

Peach and Blueberry Smoothie is the only vegan smoothie at panera bread

That’s all?

Yep, that’s all. These are the best vegan options at Panera Bread: Baja and Mediterranean Bowl, Fuji Apple, Asian Sesamea, and Greek Salad, Steel Cut Oatmeal with Strawberries & Pecans, and Peach and Blueberry Smoothie. And don’t forget to exclude obviously animal ingredients. If you feel so, you can add some extra vegetables to the food items.

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