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What are the vegan options at Dave & Buster’s?

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Dave & Buster’s is more than a casual fast-food restaurant. It is more like an entertainment center with some food and drink options. The primary draw of Dave & Buster’s establishments is their large arcade areas, where patrons can play various video games, redemption games, and other interactive attractions. Due to their combination of dining and entertainment options, the restaurant venues are often popular destinations for families, groups of friends, and corporate events.

However, the question is, does Dave & Buster’ have vegan options? Typically, this “kind” of restaurant are pretty “traditional”, which means no. It is true that the southern-styled restaurant chain mainly focuses on chicken wings and other barbeque items, but it doesn’t mean they do not have any plant-based options.

So, I visited Dave & Buster’s with little hope. However, what I got was a pleasant surprise. Actually, Dave & Buster’s has vegan options, which is quite okay in my opinion. Let’s check the details!

vegan options at dave & busters

What are the vegan options at Dave & Buster’s?

At first look, it doesn’t sound great. However, there are some hidden secrets on Dave & Buster’s menu, which makes it awesome for vegans. It is the vegan patty called Lightlife, which Dave & Buster’s does not advertise well. I didn’t even know that existed on their menu! Here is the list of all the vegan options:

  • French fries
  • House salad (no cheese, and choose one of the vegan dressing)
  • Blistered chili green beans (make sure, they do not prepare with butter)
  • All-American cheeseburger (remove the cheese, and every other animal ingredient and substitute the patty with Lightlife)
  • Southwest salmon bowl (exclude, or substitute salmon and it will be a pretty good plant-based option)
  • Chips and salsa
  • Soft pretzel (exclude butter)

You can modify another burger as well, but as I noticed, if you remove every animal ingredient and use a Lightlife patty, all of them will be almost the same.

Vegan Burger at Dave & Buster’s

As you can see, there are not too many vegan options. However, the vegan burger at D&B is pretty good. It is a little bit hidden since there is no real vegan burger at Dave & Buster’s; however, you can make one.

  • Choose a basic burger (All-American is one of the best candidates in my opinion)
  • Ask for Lightlife patty
  • Exclude cheese, mayo, or any other animal-based item
  • Ask for extra vegan items such as avocado, bell pepper, or mushroom.
  • Order it with side french fries.
  • You can order it with a gluten-free bun as well.

Here we go—this is how you can eat a not-so-bad vegan burger at Dave and Buster’s.

does Dave & Busters have vegan burger?

Anything else?

No, there are no other notable vegan options at D&B. All of their items contain dairy or meat. Unfortunately, even the signature cinnamon sugar churros contain dairy, which can’t be excluded.

Vegan drinks

Okay, maybe there are some notable exceptions besides regular soft drinks and flavored lemonades. 

  • Backwoods Blueberry lemonade
  • Dangerous waters island punch
  • Blackberry margarita.

Dave & Buster’s vegan offer in short

While D&B isn’t a great deal for vegans, it could be worse. You can make a pretty decent vegan burger with a Lightlife patty, and the fries are vegan, for example, which is not obvious (like McDonald’s). Furthermore, you can enjoy some very good drinks and cocktails while enjoying the games there. So, in my opinion, it is worth a visit sometimes.

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