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What is vegan at Auntie Anne’s? Is there vegan pretzel?

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Auntie Anne’s is a popular American chain known for its freshly baked pretzels and various snack items. Founded in 1988 by Anne Beiler and her husband Jonas in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the brand has grown to over 1,200 locations worldwide. Auntie Anne’s offers a variety of pretzels, including classic, sweet, and savory options, often accompanied by a selection of dipping sauces and beverages. The brand prides itself on its warm, soft pretzels, which are made from simple, high-quality ingredients and baked fresh throughout the day. Auntie Anne’s is a staple in malls, airports, and other high-traffic areas, making it a convenient and delicious snack destination for many customers

Auntie Anne’s, known for its freshly baked pretzels, has embraced the growing demand for vegan options, making it a go-to snack destination for plant-based eaters. While the original pretzel dough is vegan, the standard preparation includes butter, which can be easily omitted upon request. This adjustment allows vegans to enjoy a variety of pretzels, including the Original, Cinnamon Sugar, Sweet Almond, and Jalapeño flavors, as well as pretzel nuggets. Additionally, Auntie Anne’s offers vegan-friendly dipping sauces such as Marinara and Sweet Glaze and a range of vegan lemonade beverages.

are auntie anne's pretzels vegan

Are Auntie Anne’s pretzels vegan?

The most important question regarding Auntie Anne is: Are Auntie Anne’s pretzels vegan?

Luckily, it can be vegan, at least most pretzels, since the pretzel dough itself is vegan, which is a pleasant surprise. However, they do add butter to it in the end. Luckily, you don’t have to do anything but exclude the butter in order. In that case, the following pretzels will be vegan at Auntie Anne’s:

  • Original pretzel,
  • Cinnamon sugar pretzel (the sugar is cruelty-free),
  • Sweet almond pretzel,
  • Jalapeño Pretzel,
  • Original  Pretzel Nuggets and
  • Cinnamon sugar pretzel nuggets.

Obviously, pepperoni pretzels, pretzel dogs, and pepperoni nuggets are not vegan and can’t be made vegan.

vegan pretzels at auntie annes

What else is vegan at Auntie Anne’s besides pretzels?

There are some more interesting items on Auntie Anne’s menu that are suitable for vegans.


When ordering, please note that not all dipping sauces are vegan, even if they are suggested for your pretzel. You can choose from the following vegan dipping sauces for your pretzel:

  • Marinara and
  • Sweet glaze.

Unfortunately, the other dipping sauces are not vegans since they contain either dairy or eggs. In many places, honey items don’t actually contain honey, only flavoring, but at Auntie Anne’s, honey mustard sauce is out of the question since even if it doesn’t contain honey, it does contain eggs. The other sauces are obviously not suitable for plant-based eaters.


Visit Auntie Annie’s for the vegan pretzels and the different colorful and delicious lemonade creations. Here is the list of the available vegan lemonades:

  • Original lemonades,
  • Original lemonade mixer strawberry,
  • Original lemonade mixer blue raspberry,
  • Original lemonade mixer mango,
  • Frozen lemonade,
  • Frozen lemonade mixer strawberry,
  • Frozen lemonade mixer raspberry,
  • Frozen lemonade mixer mango, and
  • coffees.
vegan options at auntie anne's

Vegan options at Auntie Anne’s in a nutshell

Auntie Anne’s vegan options are pretty good since, basically, the pretzels are vegan. The dough itself doesn’t contain dairy; they add butter only before serving. So you can easily exclude it from the order. Therefore, you can enjoy many different vegan pretzels at Auntie Anne’s, such as cinnamon pretzels, classic pretzels, sweet almonds, and jalapeno pretzels.

In addition to the vegan pretzels and nuggets, you can also choose between many different and exciting lemonade flavors.

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