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What are the vegan options at TGI Fridays?

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TGI Fridays is a well-loved American restaurant chain that’s all about good times and exceptional food. Founded in 1965 in New York City, it quickly became the go-to spot for delicious appetizers, hearty burgers, ribs, and a variety of tasty drinks. Known for its famous loaded potato skins and mozzarella sticks, TGI Fridays is perfect for hanging out with friends or celebrating special occasions. The quality of their food and service is what sets us apart and keeps their customers coming back for more.

The vibe at TGI Fridays is always lively and fun, with sports games on TV, upbeat music, and friendly staff. The decor, filled with cool memorabilia, adds a nostalgic touch. They’ve also made things incredibly convenient with online ordering and delivery, a testament to their commitment to serving you wherever you are. It’s the mix of tasty dishes, exceptional service, and a fun atmosphere that keeps people coming back.

For those embracing a plant-based lifestyle, TGI Fridays is not just accommodating but embracing. They’ve added the famous Beyond Meat Burger and offer other vegan-friendly options like customized salads and modified appetizers. This move is a testament to their commitment to inclusivity and catering to everyone’s dietary needs. Whether you’re into meat or plant-based eats, TGI Fridays has something delicious for you. It’s heartening to see a significant chain making such strides to ensure there’s something tasty for everyone, making you feel truly welcome and considered.

what are the vegan options at TGI fridays

Does TGI Fridays have vegan option?

While I wouldn’t say that the restaurant chain is vegan-friendly, there are still many different vegan options at TGIF, at least with some modifications. Here is the list with every possible vegan menu item at TGI Fridays:

  • The Beyond Meat Cheeseburger (without cheddar cheese),
  • Slaw,
  • Jasmine rice,
  • Loaded potato skins (no bacon, cheddar, and ranch sour cream),
  • Candied Pecan Chicken Bowl (no chicken, goat cheese)
  • Thai Mango Salad (without Jack’s seasoning)
  • Fries (without seasoning)
  • Fresh steamed broccoli,
  • House side salad (no cheese, garlic breadstick)
  • Chicken Al Pastor Bowl (no chicken and cheese)
  • Many sauces,
  • drinks,
  • and cocktails.

Best vegan options at TGIF

Luckily, there are just enough different vegan options at TGI Fridays to have a decent plant-based meal. There is everything from appetizers to main courses to side dishes. The only thing lacking is dessert. However, I can live with that; sweetness is not a priority for me. 

Beyond meat Cheeseburger

While it is made with the well-known beyond-meat plant-based meat patty, it is still not vegan by default. You have to exclude the cheese from it. Also, you can add some avocado to make it tasteful, and you can replace the bun with a gluten-free bun or lettuce. You can enjoy it with unseasoned fries, plain broccoli, slaw, or cheeseless side salad. This is a pretty good vegan option.

Candied Pecan Chicken Bowl

Pecan Bowl is an up-and-coming vegan option, obviously, if you exclude the meat and the cheese. In a large bowl, there will be baby kale, rocket arugula, farro, brown rice, red quinoa, red onions, fresh herb mix, roasted sweet potato, Craisins®, and candied pecan dust with Lemon Vinaigrette. You can also add a Beyond Meat patty as protein to the dish.

Thai Mango Salad

This looks like a vegan option by default. However, you have to exclude Jack Seasoning since it contains dairy. It comes with mixed greens, red and napa cabbages, carrots, diced mango, fresh herb mix, and candied pecans in a house-made Sweet Heat Mango Vinaigrette. Furthermore, you can add a Beyond Meat patty to it.

Jasmine rice

Jasmine rice is tasty on its own, but TGIF adds even more. It comes with onion, garlic, and diced red peppers. It is a great and healthy vegan side option, which is always welcome.


Slaw is a very healthy vegan side option at TGI Fridays, and it is always welcome. It consists of shredded broccoli slaw mix, fresh diced celery, and chopped green onions tossed in a tangy vinaigrette.

Chicken Al Pastor Bowl

Just like Pecan Bow, Al Pastor Bowl is a very tasteful plant-based option if you exclude the animal ingredients from the order, which is only the chicken. Then, it will look like a colorful bowl of jasmine rice, fire-roasted corn, black bean salsa, diced avocado, grilled pineapple, and crispy tortilla strips. Also, you don’t have to miss the protein if you add Beyond patty to the dish.

vegan options at TGIF

Things you should avoid as a vegan at TGI Fridays

There are plenty of items that look like vegan dishes, but they are not. You can also make some other items suitable for vegans; however, they are not worth it.

  • Million Dollar Cobb: You have to remove too many things. It is better if you choose one of the other salad options.
  • Seasoned fries: Fries should be vegan, right? Yes, they are at TGI Fridays; however, the seasoning is not, just like at McDonald’s.
  • Chicken Ceaser salad: if you remove every animal ingredient from it, then you will be left with some greens online.
  • Truffle Avocado Handroll: Since its name only contains vegetables, it must be vegan, right? Well, no. Unfortunately, it comes with ham.

TGIF’s vegan options in a nutshell

While TGI Fridays won’t be my personal favorite place to eat, it is still a fixed option for vegans. TGIF’s salads are pretty unique, and with a new modification, they can be cruelty-free. Also, you can add plant-based protein to any of it. Furthermore, there is an almost vegan hamburger on their menu called Beyond Meat Cheeseburger, and only the cheese has to go. In addition to this, TGI Fridays has some pretty good and very healthy vegan side options. So, in my opinion, TGIF is always a good choice for a vegan.

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