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Does Shake Shack have vegan options? The list is quite short

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The New York based fast-food restaurant’s vegan menu is pretty short, to be honest.  It is primarily focused on most everyday streets food such as hot dogs, hamburgers, and milkshakes. Nowadays, there are plenty of different plant-based meat alternatives around, however, Shake Shack doesn’t use any of them. It’s a waste. Let’s see if there is any vegan-friendly fast food there!

Vegan options at Shake Shack

The plant-based list is short and sad. There was a time when it was a bit longer, however, Veggie Stack didn’t become permanent.

veggie burger as vegan burger at shake shack
  • French fries
  • Gluten-free bun
  • Beverages

French Fries

At least the fries are vegan at Shake Shack. Most of the fast-food restaurants use lard in the fryer or dairy for the seasoning – I’m looking at you McDonald’s. It’s pretty good news, but that’s all. There is almost nothing else for us. Furthermore, they are using the same fryer with meat items, so cross-contamination is a no-go for most of us.

Gluten-free bun

I’m just mentioning it, since otherwise, the list would be very very short. In comprehension with the normal bun, it doesn’t contain eggs or a diary. However, It doesn’t really matter since there is almost nothing to add to it except some vegetables.


At least you don’t have to worry about drying out in the restaurant. Plenty of fresh lemonades, Coca-cola products, and a pretty good selection of wines waiting for you.

one of the vegan option is lemonade


In short, the casual fast-food restaurant doesn’t offer too much for vegans. The only available option is the crispy, crunchy, salty potato-y goodness. Even the dogs have more options than us! Does shake shack have a vegan burger anytime soon? Don’t think so, they tried in 2020 with Veggie burger, but it’s gone for good.

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