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Are Crumbl Cookies Vegan or not? Here is the brief answer!

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The American bakery franchise chain specializes in baking cookies and serving ice cream. The first store was founded in Utah in 2017. Since then, it’s grown pretty fast. Nowadays, there are more than 600 Crumbl Bakery all across the country. This is a huge success not gonna lie. However, we are not sure if they are thinking of us. In short, the question is open: Does Crumbl have vegan cookies?

Why is it so popular?

Crumbl Cookies was the fastest-growing food company in 2021 and they opened more than six-hundred stores since 2017. What is the key to their success? The social media, mostly. They are constantly making content on the infamous TikTok. Nowadays, Crumbl’s Tiktok account has more than 5 million followers!

On the other hand – of course – the cookies. They spent an enormous amount of money on mostly public testing. They didn’t stop until it was perfect and as we can see, it worked!

does crumbl cookies have vegan cookie

Does Crumbl Cookies have vegan options?

Back to the original question, Are Crumbl Cookies vegans? It’s 2023, and more and more people refuse animal cruelty. So companies have to adapt. It doesn’t matter if it’s the most delicious cookie in the world if it contains milk or eggs or worse like gelatin. 

According to their official website, Crumbl Cookies doesn’t have vegan options, yet. You can find every product with the ingredients on their site and all of them contain dairy and eggs. Even the plain ones with dark chocolate contain both of them. How sad.

crumbl cookies vegan

In brief

Crumbl Cookies doesn’t have vegan cookies, unfortunately. However, they owe their success to trends in social media, so sooner or later it is certain that veganism will also be affected. Furthermore, It isn’t hard to make a cookie without eggs or dairy. So, finger-crossed, Vegan Crumbl Cookies will come soon.

vegan crumbl cookies

Pictures source: Crumbl Cookies Facebook page.

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